What to Expect

Be prepared to sweat.

When most people think of yoga, images of chanting and people maneuvering into seemingly impossible positions come to mind. Yoga is NOT just for the fantastically flexible. In fact, if you are not flexible, if you cannot touch your toes, or perhaps cannot even see your toes, you are a perfect candidate for the benefits of yoga. It’s called a yoga practice, not yoga perfect!

The benefits you receive from a regular, devoted yoga practice depends on your overall health and what you put into your practice.

Here are some reported benefits:

  • Increased energy and metabolism
    Reduction in heart and respiratory rates
  • Weight loss and increase in muscle tone
  • Increase in balance, strength and flexibility
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Improved functioning of the internal organs
  • Reduction of insomnia and depression
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Alleviation of symptoms of chronic disease and energy
  • Reduction in stress; less reactive in stressful situations
  • Rejuvenated sense of calm and well being
  • An inspired positive outlook on life


I have never done hot yoga before, what is a good class for me to take?

We suggest you start with MELT 1.5 Flow or MELT Hot Power Fusion.  However, there are beginners in almost every single class, so don’t feel nervous or out of place. Every student around you has gone through their first class too! As you progress, you simply do so in the same room!

What are your heat levels?

Our heat levels range from 88-105. Our hottest class being MELT Hot Power Fusion and MELT Hot Fusion Flow which ranges from 100-105 degrees, and MELT 1.5 Flow being our intro to heat class ranging from 92-96 degrees.

What do I need for class?
  • Yoga mat
  • Towel (beach size)
  • Bottle of water*
  • Proper attire – Wear something light and fitted such as: sport bras, shorts, spandex short/leggings. Avoid sweats, long pants, heavy t-shirts, as we heat the room.
  • Positive attitude
  • Empty stomach
  • Proper hydration

*We have water for sale, towels for rent, and mats for rent/purchase at the studio in case you forget!

How do I sign up for a class?

You can sign up in our studio, here at our website, or through mindbody.com.

What is studio etiquette?
  • Please remove shoes upon entering the studio
  • Keep street clothes and other personal belongings in the cubbies or locker rooms
  • No cell phones in studio room
  • Do not wear heavy perfumes or colognes to class
  • No talking in the studio before, during and after class
  • Stay in the room during the entire class, take Child’s Pose or Savasana if you need to take a break
  • Leave class quietly being mindful of students who that time for silence and meditation
  • If you need to leave class early, please let the teacher know before class begins
What if I feel sore after class?

Didn’t know you had a muscle there? Congratulations, you have utilized 100% of your body. You are on the way to regaining your birthright: using your body in the full range of motion it was designed for. Muscle soreness is a buildup of lactic acid. What’s the best way to get rid of lactic acid? Stretching. It may seem impossible to imagine that coming back for more will help, but it is THE BEST way to relieve the soreness. If you wait too long to come back, then you will be starting all over again.

How often should I attend class?

For good results we encourage a regular practice of 3 times per week minimum.  But, coming to your mat daily is highly recommended!

What sets you apart from other hot yoga studios?

MELT Ladera Hot Yoga takes great pride in our outstanding customer service and love for our yogis. We go above and beyond, and are always updating, upgrading, and looking for new ways to make you experience amazing. With our humble beginning’s, we appreciate each and every one of our members, and we believe it shows. We have worked hard to create an atmosphere that is inviting, comforting, and clean.

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